Ultrasonic Cleaner/Fluid?

I’m gutting my kart down to the frame to give it a mid-season complete cleaning. Mother nature forced my hand after rain and hail race in Colorado. Anyone purchased a small ultrasonic cleaner they like? What are you using for cleaning solution. Just needs to be big enough to drop cassette in, hardware, etc. I have my small parts washer, but I’m trying to get away from using solvents to clean everything.

Excuse the mess I still haven’t setup my new shop after the move.

What mess? I see no mess.


I can’t stand anything on the floor. I’m waiting to order all new cabinets. I had 2 of these sets is my last shop in SC. Just need to wait for the weather to cool down before tackling any garage projects. I have a bunch of cheap mdf cabinets that need to go.

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Yes the basic harbor freight cleaner. I run it hot with water and pinesol. Only for restoration work though (old carbs etc), I never actually used it for kart parts

I saw they had a small cleaner might be perfect for cleaning misc kart parts. How long have you had yours? I like that it’s small enough I can stash it away when not in use.

I haven’t used one in awhile, but we used to use WD-40 in ours. I’ve heard some use diluted simple green with good success. Whatever you use you gotta keep the fluid fairly clean or you can end up staining bare aluminum parts. Seen a carb come out much darker than normal before due to dirty fluid. :person_shrugging:

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Made the run to harbor freight. Best $90 I’ve spent. 50/50 Zep degreaser and water. Hit button walk away. Doesn’t clean as good as parts washer, but its unattended time.

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I have had good luck with my Harbor Freight ultrasonic cleaner. 50/50 is probably more degreaser than you need. I use about 25% cleaner to water. Overcrowding the tank diminishes the effectiveness too.
As for the product, I had the best luck with Krud Kutter Degreaser.

I recognize I’m late and you’ve made your decision but I’ve used this for about the last year.

I’ve been very happy with it and primarily use it for cleaning chains, sprockets, nuts, and bolts. Simple green makes a purple “heavy duty” solution that I use diluted. Bonus is that it doesn’t smell like simple green. The cleaning power seems to be much better when the fluid is hot around 50 C.

The only downsides to the cleaner are that the heater takes quite a long time to heat the fluid so I usually start it early and come back to it, and the cleaner is loud as hell when running. On one side that’s good because it means it has good ultrasonic power, but I think being on the lower end of the pricing it’s also because there’s no sound insulation otherwise in the unit. I try to have it on the other side of the garage when running or run it and go inside the house to do stuff until it’s finished.

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I’ve used the cheap harbor freight ultrasonic with Simple Green Pro HD cleaner with great results. Use it for everything from fasteners, carb and air filters for our 206 and World Formulas. Even cleaned some of the Mrs jewelry. :grin:

Ya I got impatient and just went for it. But seeing how well it’s working I might get a larger/better version and this might become the fiancés jewelry cleaner. Just dropped the bearing cassette in there and I must have gotten a bad coating on one. Gold paint/coating just wiped right off. Everything else (rotor carrier, sprocket carrier, hubs) has stood up to being cleaned that way except this single cassette. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I have had anodizing fail in the cleaner as well. Black usually holds up better than anything gold in my experience. Your 50/50 concentration may be a factor as well.

I actually noticed it coming off brushing on the diluted cleaner with a brush to break up and get the gunk out of the recesses. Ran it in the ultrasonic cleaner for 90 seconds. Pulled it out to check and the coating was liquified.

Where did you order these cabinets from?

Simple Green Extreme Aircraft is by far the best cleaning fluid I have used… It doesn’t corrode aluminum and mag and wont destroy coatings like regular Simple Green and most other similar non-VOC cleaners.

I use this stuff in the same Creworks ultrasonic cleaner meantioned above, and this combo works great. When shopping for a sonic cleaner, the key is heat… If it doesnt get hot, you really just have an annoying buzzing box.

Home Depot. They are always going on sale so don’t buy them when they are normal priced.

Where are you sourcing this from?

Dewaxer followed by degreaser can clean just about anything

I got it from Amazon when I bought the cleaner. I bet you can find it cheaper somehere else though.

Amazon.com: Simple Green - SMP13406 Extreme Aircraft and Precision Cleaner, 1 Gallon Bottle 13406 : Health & Household

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I use Simple Green HD pro, which i think is similar to the aircraft one. Its purple in color, and is aluminum safe.