LO206 Oil Changes....how often

For such a small cost I feel it’s not worth it to chance. Also been running all my events in the rain. So I have been changing after every event. Probably an hour worth of run time. So question is. How often should you be changing your LO206 oil?

I start every day on fresh oil.

Every session in the wet.


You change your oil every session if it’s raining?

I trashed one in the rain. They can suck water in through the oil fill plugs. It’s really good insurance to change it after every wet session since we can’t take the side cover off and spray it out. I do agree with Matt above every race event I start with fresh oil.

Wow. Guess I’m doing just fine then. I was already doing that. But didn’t even consider every wet session.

I also pull my valve cover after every wet session to make sure I didn’t suck water.

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I changed our oil in ours about twice a year, if I remembered. And it was the fastest 206 I think I’ve ever seen. Just sold it for triple what a new one is. They are basically detuned lawn mower engines, meant to run and run and run.

Jim, I thought the deal with lo206 was that unlike the old Yamahas, there are no hot engines. That’s not the case?

Perception always outweighs reality and you can’t stop people spending money.


Someone will always buy the fast guys equipment just to eliminate that variable

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