LO206 Oil Leak Fixed?

Picked up an older black line in the seal wire motor that was leaking a lot. As in over the course of a week or two there was a 4” diameter spot on my garage floor under the motor.

Did some web research, and decided to try and loosen the cover bolts and see if I could get some sealant in the leaky spot.

Drained all the oil out, cleaned the hell out of it with degreaser and brake clean. I DID NOT try and scrape any old gasket or sealant out. Loosened the bolt with the seal directly in it first. You get about half a turn, and I realized, nah, I’m not going to get much of a gap.

I backed all the others out a couple of turns, cleaned a little more, and busted out some Permatex. All I really did was put a bead along the bottom seam and up the sides about an inch, then try and smush it in the little gap with my thumb. After that, I added a little more Permatex and smoothed it out.

Let it sit about 5-10 minutes then tightened it all back up.

Waited a day and put some oil in it, threw it on my kart, and headed to New Castle. Put about 40 minutes on it, and so far, so good. Will it last, I don’t know, I’ll probably run it at one more race this season, just for the hell of it, I was so far off on gearing at NCMP I couldn’t tell if it was a turd or not.

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Pic is after racing, no wipedown, no red 4T to be found.

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Great job. I know Matt uses a feeler gauge to push the sealant up into the crack a little bit when he tries to repair them. Just dont push it too far in and get it inside the engine.

Disclaimer for readers: The legality of this can be debated, but if you are trying to salvage an old motor to go out and have some fun, I would strongly suggest going for it.


Or just don’t tell anyone you did it. :grin: as long as it’s the same color they put on them now, no one will be the wiser.