LO206 pilot jet

Should there be a continuous path through the length of the pilot jet? Mine either has a tightly lodged clog or it is supposed to be that way.

Sounds like it’s clogged. The pilot jets are very prone to clogging due to being so small.

you can take some Carb cleaner and spray it down the jet then blow it out with some compressed air which should dislodge any blockages. I would avoid trying to push it out with something small as it can not only scratch the jet but get you DQed from a race for modification to the jet.

I wouldnt be too scared on mechanically removing anything from a pilot jet. Obviously dont use a drill bit, but I’ve found about the only thing small enough diameter to effectively work is a frayed throttle cable strand. All safety wire is too thick for as small as that hole is. Also I tend to try to suck the jet out as i feel you can get a better pull on it than trying to use compressed air to blow it out.

I had the same issue on my pilot jet at a 30 vhsh delllorto carb. Air and carb cleaner didn’t do the job. But I thin hair from a throtlle cable was the way I could open again the tiny hole inside of it

While you’re in there, clean the bowl and other pieces. Also, go ahead and clean your fuel tank. Whatever got in the carb came from there.

I’m not sure what is common practice for LO206 carb, but with the VHSH 30 I run both an in-line fuel filter as well as the internal Dellorto fuel filter.

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I soaked it in carb cleaner to no avail. I ended up running a 0.013 drill, the smallest I have, through it to clean it out. I guess that makes it illegal but since Sunday is a club race and I am always last it doesn’t matter much. I’ll go with that until my replacement jets come in. Both my carbs have the same problem.

Thanks for the responses.

Believe! You know you can finish higher regardless of the jetting issue!

Pilot jet clogging is 80% of the carb issues we see. The other 20% being the emulsion tube. I’d order a couple of each to have in a pinch. More often than not this is a byproduct of ethanol in the gas more than any dirt or foreign substance.

Pickling the system with ethanol free fuel at the end of the day can help lessen the issue.

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Is it compliant with the LO206 class rules and regulations to use ethanol free gas?


I highly recommend everyone keep the appropriate size pin gauge for the pilot jet in their toolbox. It’s quite handy and getting rid of those clogs.


Depends on the series. My series in the PNW uses ethanol free 95 octane “clear gas” only. Other use normal pump gas.

We are restricted to 87 octane ethanol free. I think the ethanol free requirement saves a lot of money over the long term due to less corrosion, extending fuel line life, …