LO206 Racing Series

I’m racing in the NHKA series in New England, but I’m looking for a few races to attend, this season or next, just outside of New England and into the Mid Atlantic or just beyond. I’m originally from the Philly area, so around that area would be a good start.

The Googles and bad karting websites is not clearly turning up much. I’m looking at tracks like E-town and NJMP to start. Any others? What are the organizations I should be looking at?

I would also be interested in going to VIR, Pitt, New Castle, Rock Island, and some others within a days drive of Boston (16-18 hours).

The f-series club races at etown and NJMP don’t really have much of a field for lo206. There is one young man who runs an lo206 and they put him up against a guy and his spouse on Yamaha kt100. Occasionally there is a lady who will also run on her lo206 as well. So it’s not worth the trip, probably. It’s possible that OVRP has some lo206 action, however.

Check out the AKRA Sprint Cup Northern Tour.

Cup Karts North America goes as far east as Camden, OH and New Castle.

@Bimodal_Rocket I was looking at the F-series and I saw somewhere that there is only a SR LO206 class, but I can’t find where I saw it again. I would love to race at NJMP, as that was the home track for me when in Philly. I drove the rentals when they were new on the long course and had a blast. Would love to do it again.

@MSchu1 There is going to be an AKRA National at Canaan and NHKA is hosting. Definitely going to do that one. I’ll have to see if I can go to some of the others. I’m going to start budgeting for going to some further away races. There are a couple Margay Ingite races that I want to try also.

I’ve found this website, but it seems to be getting a little dated and only has stuff that people add to it.

@BriggsRacing The Briggs website lists all the clubs and tracks that are part of their weekly series, but not very searchable.

Just checked the website in case gearup f-series has lo206 but looks like it doesn’t.

You could do the regular f series at NJMP, dates below. You would make number 4 or 5, depending on the day, and you’d be up against some Yamaha kt100s, so I assume you’d be down on power. That being said, I’m sure they would be thrilled to have a new face.

I digress a bit here but anyway…

I feel your pain, I tried to address the problem but getting even the most basic information from clubs is borderline infuriating at times. Keeping it up to date, even more so.

We had a location/proximity based search where you could see what’s on, when and where but without the supporting information… no bueno. In the end, I decided it wasn’t a good use of my time and turned more towards creating content and building our community.

Finding events/races is still a problem I want to solve, but I need to figure out how to put resources in place. Me doing it, volunteers and or crowdsourcing didn’t work, and the clubs aren’t motivated to update it… So that means (competent, knowledgeable) hired help.

That’s about the best there is, Richard was kind enough to share his track database with KP so we could start to build our own. I’d say about 1/2 of the tracks in the DB are from racingwhere. I’m not sure how much time he has to put into it these days

OK, so it’s the State Championship by F Series that I did see before. They do have a SR 206 class with one entry so far. As mentioned above. I would have to get LeCont tires, new rear wheels, and add weight to run the series. I’ll have to look into it.


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Yup. But since there’s so few, they run the Yamaha 100s with the lo206. Stankowski beat me in the rain Sunday on his Yamaha versus my x30. I wept but he only spun once to my 5 times.

You can get tires at the track from Marco (runs the series) or Jerry (kartworkz) or Keith (full tilt).

Here is just about every “traveling” sprint 206 series east of the Mississippi:
Cup Karts North America
Maxxis Sprint Series
Rock Island Grand Prix
USAC Karting Indy & Elkhart
Quincy Grand Prix
Southern Indiana Racing Series
Buckeye Karting Challenge
SKUSA Winter Series

Get used to changing weights and tires depending on what series or race you’re going to. Everyone is a different spec. The biggest 206 fields are USAC’s Battle at the Brickyard, Rock Island, and Cup Kart’s Grand National at New Castle.

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