LO206 rain cover

Whats everyone using for a rain shield on the air cleaner? I’d like to find something nicer than a peanut butter jar.

TS racing and Comet sell rain covers for the air filters

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There are a couple “made for” 206 covers. Still got water in engine in a good rain at Grands. Best we’ve ever used is the big plastic Folgers can. Cut it to fit around the entire carb and no issue


Someone recommended using one of those lysol wipes containers (with holes drilled). Cut the right-sized hole in the lid, and just leave the lid attached to your filter. If it rains, just screw on the container. Makes it easy. Honestly though, I don’t think your engine can tell the difference between a peanut butter jar, lysol container, or something fancier.

I’ve used yogurt cups and planter pots, both of which worked fine in a pinch. I also have the kind that’s sold at most kartshops. The drawbacks are it uses two little screws that I’m paranoid about losing, you have to line up the screws perfectly to the holes, and, you have to remove the filter to install it. It’s also kinda pricey given it’s basically a peanut butter jar and a plastic bracket.

32-ounce Gatorade bottle with the bottom cut off, secured with a shoelace. Fits the air filter like a glove.