LO206 Rear Tires and Wheels

I am curious about rear tire/wheel set-ups look like for LO206 CIK sprint kart racing. I don’t race 206 and there are not many or any 206s in the NJ/NY area where I live other than an Ignite series that is just starting at OVRP.

I understand that different series run different rear tires but the majority of series run 11x6.00-5 rears rather than 2 cycle 11x7.10-5.

I read an interesting post this weekend where it was recommended to use 210mm rear wheels v. the more traditional 180mm rear wheels to free the kart with 6" rear tires. I was wondering if this was a common practice and the what the experience of 206 racers was with this approach.


Lots of people stretch the 6.0 tires on the 210mm rears. We have stretched them onto 9" wide wheels before. It takes sidewall away, which in theory, frees the rear up.

Over the past year, I’ve gotten to the point where I like using the correct wheel size for the tire (6.0 on 180mm or 7.10 on 210mm) instead of stretching it out. I’m faster when my kart can use the sidewall as it was designed to do and my kart is plenty free.

Thanks Matt. Much appreciated.