LO206 rev limiter

The Briggs Animal (not sealed) revs up to 12k rpms, while the Briggs LO206 (sealed) only does 6,100. So internals being the same, does riding the limiter damage the engine in any way? Thanks.

Been murdering the chip for 6 years and never seemed to be an issue :sunglasses:


Same, I absolutely beat that thing sometimes I wonder if the cops are going to show up. Atleast, I know she respects me . :pray:


I still have flashbacks to Wilmington BKC… Listening to the senior class on the limiter for like 4 seconds each.


Not sure they quite get up to 12,000 but yeah the 206 goes a Lonng time if you keep oil in it.

That was a super fun one

Elkhart GP counter clockwise… Talk about chip riding…

I think only built engines actually hit 12, but they still go pretty high with the blue coil.