LO206 rules (New driver here)

So I know that this is a very open ended question here, but Im looking for any advice I can get to stay within the rules for the 206 class. I have the newest set of rules but its alot to go through. I just hoping you guys can offer advice. Maybe you saw something that a new person missed and got penalized for. Im completely new to karting and would like any feedback you guys can provide.

I’m sure some people will offer you some guidance and tips. But the bottom line is you are responsible for you vehicle and you have to know the rules that you race under. How far do you think you’re going to get telling a race director or tech inspector that someone on the internet said something is OK?

You’re misunderstanding what Im asking. Im asking for some things that might commonly get overlooked. I understand that I am responsible for my kart. Im asking for other peoples experiences. Maybe somebody else wasnt aware of a rule when they first started and got dinged for it. Maybe some common mistakes that are made by rookie drivers. Im not asking for someone to tell me everything that I need to do.

If you have not been through tech as of yet, make sure you have all the safety things addressed. Such as all the fasteners for the steering, brake pedal back up, master cylinder, caliper and rotor. If you race where you have to use a drop down nose, have the proper mounts. Have the correct tires, fuel, spark plug. If you devices that require batteries, bring spares. And have a helmet with the proper rating.

Thank you. Thats the kind of tips I was meaning. Im mostly going to be running at GoPro in Mooresville, NC. Im working on learning their specific rules that are separate from the Briggs rule set

Using a non Briggs branded spark plug has caught people out.

If there’s a specified fuel make sure you run it.

Otherwise, for now don’t worry too much about tech other than safety.

Resurfacing this as I’m confused by what I’m reading, on the Briggs site is says as of March 31st the spec plug is the “ Autolite AR3910X”. Seeing online most stores say the champion plug is legal.


The Champion plug used to be the legal plug, and there was a cross over period where either were legal. Now, only the Autolite is legal and I am sure the online stores haven’t had an opportunity to update their sites.

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