Lo206’s Still on backorder?

With my oldest daughters kart finished and ready to go, I need to get the Lo206 ordered for my other daughters new chassis, but I noticed alot of website still say you can pre-order.

What the status as today (Jan. 2022)?

Is there still a shortage or did Briggs finally catch back up?

I haven’t been following it that closely as of late . . .

Still very much behind. They seem to be trickling in, but definitely not outpacing demand. Get on a couple waiting lists and hope for the best.

Time hack, what’s reasonable? 60 days - 6 months?

Trying to get everything together for her by her Birthday in May :pray:

Allegedly current backorders cleared by September…

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May shouldn’t be a problem for most places. I know for sure of one shop that can definitely hook you up by then :wink:


Wish I would have thought of you first, but I went with TS as that is my knee jerk kart parts supplier. Dang, why didn’t I think of you! My bad.

I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to support local Kart shops. TS does a lot for karting in Florida. I used their trackside support trailer at Jax for CKNA. Gotta support those folks too!!

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Big back orders up here in Ontario as well. The dealer I bought one from back in October, told me last week he had 8 in stock, all spoken for, and a list of customers waiting. He said he could pretty much sell as many as he could get these days.

It’s gotten so bad that at engines are selling for $1500 to $2000 up here. I’m just glad I sat on a waiting list last year and didn’t wait until this year to get on a list.

Got extremely lucky and found one locally. Turns out my local track had ONE in stock with the TS Racing Kit which included all the ancillary parts (everything minus the clutch). Decided to swoop it up and I was putting it together while I was watching the Bengles take it to the Chief’s during overtime!

Need a green slide and coil, but otherwise it will be good to go on my daughters cadet kart!




@IRQVET you don’t need a different coil for a cadet, only kid kart runs a different coil.

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Good to know, thanks.