LO206 setup with hard tires

I’ve been reading around the forums that with really hard tires (my club runs MG blues) and the LO206 engine that some drivers put the rear hubs all the way in and the front end really narrow, as a way to get more grip into the kart. To me, the concept seems strange and honestly, I’m used to racing a 2-stroke kart on MG yellows from around 8-9 years ago. Why would you do this instead of putting a really stiff rear axle with a wider rear end and the front torsion bar in with a wider front end? Seems that putting the rear end so far in takes away from how the chassis was designed, at least if you’re using a “2-stroke” chassis for LO206.

I can’t speak to the specifics of LO206 tuning, but I think the main idea is to reduce a lot of scrub in the front of the kart to help the kart roll easier in the corner, hence the narrow front. The narrow rear is to add sidebite and grip on such a low durometer tire.


TJ is right about the narrow rear for harder tire.If you run the kart with a standard front with and narrow rear, the kart will want to hop and have too much grip.so hence the front is narrowed to reduce front .
Generally as I do run a 206 engine on a 2 stroke chassis on hard tires. Generally I don’t run much grip in the kart besides the narrowness of the front and the rear. I think it has to do with the narrowness of the kart and the fact that the engine doesn’t have to reach out as far as if the rear was at full width.
Any questions let me know.

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