LO206 Surprising Plug Read

Looks a little rich to me. Find that surprising after a weekend of racing in Houston and not changing anything on the carb. Density altitude was anywhere from 1500 feet lower than what it typically is at our home track. Would have expected a shift leaner…:thinking:

Can’t judge a 206 plug like that. 90% chance all that soot is from the cool down lap.


Yeah if you let the motor sputter out it will dump a lot of fuel in and cause that.

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Thank you both. 16 months in and I still don’t have a handle on the carb tuning on these. Feel like I am aiming in the dark!

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If it’s dialed in it won’t be tuning near stoich. Looks pretty normal depending on how much idling has been done and how hot the head (and by extension plug) got.

So, is changing necessary? Or all good as is?

Spray a little carb cleaner on it and throw it back in.

That is what I usually do to em! :+1: