LO206 Throttle Kits

What are the Pros and Cons of using a link kit like this? I seems to be for an easy why of breaking the cable in two when removing the engine. Thoughts?


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Something similar to this came on my 206. It makes it easier to swap motors or cables if you have to.

Worth it? Hard to say, really up to the individual.

I had a motor that came with one, and I hated it. I think the idea behind it is to make it easier to swap between motors, but you have to have the right thickness of throttle cable sheathing, which is more akin to brake line cable, thin and single layer. I found my throttle would stick periodically as well. This could be my mistake utilizing it incorrectly, but i’ve been much happier going back to the traditional throttle cable ‘loop.’

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Where the cable breaks, it looks like the pin for the clevis would add a little extra play. And if you’re swapping an engine, then just pull the carburetor and put it to the side. You’ll should not be swapping engines that often in the 206 class anyway.

So I’m in the minority who actually love that kit. The primary purpose as stated by everyone is to allow quick swapping of engines. I love mine. Allows me to take the engine off every few events to clean the chassis. I go out to the track just about every other week so I’m probably taking the engine off every month, maybe every 2 months at the most and cleaning it the chassis. I have also loaned my engine to people when I’m not around (probably should stop that). Anyway, it’s come in handy for me. I guess I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it, but the 3 complete engine packages I’ve bought came with it and I like it.

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