LO206 Tire Size

Thoughts on tire size for LO206 senior? Hoosier R60b

I’m really not sure what size I should be running, or why. I don’t have the resources to do back to back testing which is why I came here to ask.

6.0 or 7.1?

I was under the impression that a 7.1" tire would rob power from the 206, but about 4/5 front runners are running 7.1" tires with the other choice being a 6.0" on a wider wheel. I am currently on a 6.0 tire and 180mm wheel.


I run exclusively 7.10 if there’s a choice.

Most chassis are designed to run a 7.10 on a 210-212mm wheel and make use of the sidewall to generate side bite.

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I run the 7.1 at G&J. Most others do, too. Every once in a while I see the 6’s stretched out on the bigger rims.

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Well that’s good enough for me lol. I’ll go ahead and give those a try, Thanks!


We have Envinco Blues at our clubs and Regional series in Texas. Everyone seems to run them with a 6 stretched on a 210mm wheel?

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In general it seems like the wide wheels free up the kart better so at least in the Midwest everyone runs them at CKNA for example on the really grippy vegas but I was at Road America last weekend @tjkoyen can attest to the lack of grip there. I think I was the only one on the wider rims whether they were stretched 6s or 7.1s


Everyone at our track claims that stretched 6.0s are better, we run MG reds for LO206. The fastest guy at the last event was on 6.0s. It was close but I beat him in the final on 7.1s, his quickest time was faster than mine. I am curious about this and will try 6.0s to see how they perform.

Your main is United correct? How does that track grip up for softer tires? Seems like it might not take rubber well.

I assume the tire compound makes a difference. I made my previous decision to run 6.0s by watching CKNA videos on youtube but they’re all on MG Reds when my club runs Hoosier R60b for the senior class.

I have run both, sometimes 7.10 is faster sometime 6.0 is faster. Its usually very close between the two tires.

We run Vega reds at our club. we run 6.0 on 210mm rims.

I have no idea, I’ve never run anything other MG Reds there. Everyone says the surface eats tires, I don’t have much experience at other tracks or tires so I’m not sure.

Yeah was curious because it does have a strange surface. It looks like it should be slipprier but it works great on hards.

“Strange surface” is the polite way to describe it! Others have used “cheese grater,” “sandpaper” and worse!

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