LO206 to IAME X-30

All that was included.

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You’ll be fine. Look ahead, and be intelligent in how you use the throttle. You’ll get used to it, as long as you keep the fundamental.

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Debating whether to purchase a TB Kart S586 to mate this thing too, and just run two karts. I have a soft spot for TB, it was my first kart, and the only one I know that donates to veteran charities.

“Thank you for your service” is cute, but TB Kart puts their money where their mouth is . . . they are the only chassis manufacturer that does this that I am aware of. Being a combat veteran, that’s important.


I’d just run one kart, on alternating weekends, as long as I could get away with it.

Congratulations! It’s a nice engine. Felix Rovelli from IAME recommends Elf HTX oil. It only looks expensive, a bottle lasts three race days or so. I use 93 octane premium e10 gas, Extron Pro rear sprockets, and DID chains. I’ll let you know how long the O-ring chain lasts, but a plain chain lets you spin the axle for a little while.

Whats the deal with caster oils in 2 stroke? What are the con’s vs. benefits? Was reading the rule book (I think in SSKC) and they recently added that to their rulebook and I was wondering why. . .

Generally castor is preferred in Air-cooled applications (Higher localized temps), but is used in watercooled as well. A lot of it is personal (or builder) preference really.

Once you stick to whatever IAME recommends you’ll be fine.

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Do I need to upgrade my race computer? I have a single 1T Alfano 6. Also, on a water cooled engine, does it monitor head temp, exhaust temp, or something to do with the cooling system?

For the Temp, it will only monitor one, either water, cylinder, or exhaust since you have the 1t. I use water temp personally, I think it’s the most important, will let you know that your water pump is working and your engine won’t implode. You’ll need the cable as well as a hose connector with the necessary cable connection to screw the temp monitor cable into. Then split the hose in half and attach them to both sides and clamp them with a hose clamp.

I don’t know if you need the k type sensor or NTC type. I’m not familiar with Alfano

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Ideally you want two temps. Water and EGT. Not sure what Alfano’s set up is for that.

Water to monitor engine cooling and EGT for tuning.

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If I could only monitor one temperature it would be EGT. If I’ve got a big enough water leak to send the water temperature out of range it’ll show up on EGT too - acting leaner every lap with slower rise and slower cooldown!

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Water in the radiator (in the event it leaks on the track) or do you use coolant?

Distilled or Deionized water only, don’t use bottled ot tap water, it can cause mineral deposits and clog up the radiator and inlet. You can use a little water wetter, since we are in FL I don’t use coolant. There is no need.

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Check your tracks regulations on this. Many will require water only and ban any additives like water wetter or antifreeze. Like Sahib said, distilled water only or you get mineral deposits. Ask me how I know! :rofl:

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As above, distilled water only. Normal water is fine but can leave deposits as noted.

Most places specifically ban coolant because a coolant leak is a disaster to clean up.

Water. Add vinegar for the last session of the year to get rid of any scale and then drain it to stop it from corroding the aluminum.


Finally mounted and raced (once). I was terrible, WTF is racing line, it was all I could do to keep it on track (so much power). Don’t know how you X-30 guys do it, new respect for those who can handle these and turn fast laps. :flushed:

@IRQVET don’t beat yourself up, everybody experiences the feeling of being overwhelmed when they make a big step up to a much faster vehicle. The good thing is you have the foundational skills (acquired from going from novice to podiums in 206), so it’s just a mater of re-calibrating the timing for your mental model for driving a lap.

…For me, though, the first thing that happened when I drove the next level of car above – whether it was going from Vauxhall Junior to Formula Vauxhall-Lotus or the Formula 3 car or the DTM car or the Formula 1 car or the first time I drove a Champ Car, my brain was just trying to process the speed at which things came at me. It was like somebody took a DVD and fast-forwarded it and you were trying to process that information. That was the first thing to master, and then the focus over the race distance came along and then it was the ability to think about other things while you’re driving at that speed, that was the next thing.
— Dario Franchitti

This is a full article about this topic.


Seat time. Seat time. Seat time.

,keep in up dean !! With training the feeling will come

Next day you’ll find things slow down in your mind.

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