LO206 to IAME X-30

Finally mounted and raced (once). I was terrible, WTF is racing line, it was all I could do to keep it on track (so much power). Don’t know how you X-30 guys do it, new respect for those who can handle these and turn fast laps. :flushed:

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@IRQVET don’t beat yourself up, everybody experiences the feeling of being overwhelmed when they make a big step up to a much faster vehicle. The good thing is you have the foundational skills (acquired from going from novice to podiums in 206), so it’s just a mater of re-calibrating the timing for your mental model for driving a lap.

…For me, though, the first thing that happened when I drove the next level of car above – whether it was going from Vauxhall Junior to Formula Vauxhall-Lotus or the Formula 3 car or the DTM car or the Formula 1 car or the first time I drove a Champ Car, my brain was just trying to process the speed at which things came at me. It was like somebody took a DVD and fast-forwarded it and you were trying to process that information. That was the first thing to master, and then the focus over the race distance came along and then it was the ability to think about other things while you’re driving at that speed, that was the next thing.
— Dario Franchitti

This is a full article about this topic.


Seat time. Seat time. Seat time.

,keep in up dean !! With training the feeling will come

Next day you’ll find things slow down in your mind.

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Even at low speeds (relative to x30 jump) SOS is a hurdle. It’s not surprising that lo to x30 is overwhelming.

The way the top end keeps pulling is a novel experience and, a bit alarming, until you get a hang of what getting to the limiter feels like.

I read this on Reddit which I found interesting. Someone else experiencing what you feel, even in rentals:

Another takeaway I wasn’t expecting, the day after. . . . (might be a masters class problem)

I’ve never needed a day to recover in 206. After one day of weilding the X-30, my hips were killing me the next day and I was walking around like WTF?

Guess who just bought seat pads . . .

this guy

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X30 = the ultimate Peloton (for us old guys)

Do this for a few months and then go drive your lo206. It will never feel fast again. It’ll still be fun tho.

This is an excellent way to incrementally advance your sensitivity and the depth of your driving experience. When you are comfortable in the faster kart, then when you step back into the slower kart, you won’t be mentally at the limit, so you can repurpose your surplus mental resources into feeling energy, traction, rotation, etc, more clearly and at a higher resolution.

Once you have experienced the deeper sensitivity in the slower kart, you will know what it feels like and how to access it, so then you can take that knowledge back to the fast kart and work on doing the same thing there. Then keep stepping back and forth between karts with the intent of continually increasing the depth, breadth, and resolution of your sensitivity.


This :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

So last race I only had my X-30, and I had this really weird feeling when I saw the 206 masters start their race. Kinda felt like I should be out there with them. Afterall, I’m close to all those guys. Those are the guys who helped me along the way hammer out and diagnose all the stupid stuff I was doing to make me better when I was just getting started. Chewing me out when I messed up, but the first to cheer me on when I started picking up potium finishes. I had this feeling of instant regret- kinda like I abandoned them.

That feeling has been nagging at me. So I just picked up a second kart so now I can run two classes (X-30 and 206). Afterall I had all the 206 stuff, all I needed was a roller chassis to bolt everything onto . . .

I think I’m getting soft in old age and growing a quivering whisker biscuit . . . :rofl:


Race all the things! Just think you can now make new friends with the 2-stroke guys. Even bigger fren group.

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That might happen. I befriended two of them. The rest seem a little stuck up and standoffish :100:

The 206 community is just that, a community IMHO.

I wonder if that’s what you think it is. Rationally, unless this is skusa, it could just be plain old social awkwardness. Maybe things will warm up socially once the lead fumes dissipate a bit.


I agree with Dom here, for a club event 2 or 4 stroke there shouldn’t be much standoffishness, it’s probably just social awkwardness from you being a new guy in the class.

All the 2 stroke guys when I started were friendly and always willing to help, apart from a couple wackjobs that took it a bit too serious for a club day.

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Alright so tomorrow is our local so I’ll be on race #2 with this monster of a motor. I bought fuel from the track last time, this time I bought my own.

I got 5 gallons of VP Racing C-12 and Castor 927, mixed at a 16:1 ratio.

Hopefully I got this right, but then another question came to mind. A quick google search suprisingly didn’t deliver. What is the compression ratio of a X-30 engine?

Also, is wetter water worth it? Or is just distilled water in the radiator fine?

We always have used distilled water with Maxima Cool-Aide in all our water cooled stuff.

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I wouldn’t worry about water wetter unless you’re struggling to keep water temps under 130-140. We rarely ran it except in extreme heat conditions, but we also had a large rad on most of the time.

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Yeah about that, this cannot be right. On my second voyage, all my sensor are new. Need to figure out why this new set up is reading so far out in left field. Everyone at the track was like, “That ain’t right.” But nobody could help me cause they’re on Micron and know nothing about Alfano . . .

What’s wrong with it?