LO206 with Hologram/cable with black line seal question

I checked the Briggs site, and no info I could find on how long they think these engines will be legal. Hopefully indefinitely, but does anyone have any insight on this? Engine builder folks?

Do you know what caused the “HOLOGRAPHIC SEAL
ALL SILVER THREAD” engines to be banned from events? I stopped 206 a few years ago so I was just curious, was it due modifications of the new engines which made them quicker/different, or people found loopholes in that one?

i’m hip to this, i’m just wondering if the holographic/black thread one is scheduled to get phased out. i’m hoping not, as i have one, and i don’t want to have to get an orange seal at the end of the season if this one is still performing well.

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I think you’re good for a while still. If/when you get forced, let me know and we’ll take good care of you.

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I assume for alot longer then they may like due to supply issues.