Lock 4 Cycle Crank/Flywheel To Remove Clutch Bolt

I reecently got a Tillotson 225 and want to remove the clutch but of course the crank spins trying to take the bolt off. I figure holding the crank or flywheel stationary is pretty much the same as with the Lo206 motor but never worked on one.

Somebody please let me in on the method to lock the motor to remove the clutch bolt on the 225.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah process is basically the same as a 206. If it’s not hammered like hell on there you might be able to break it loose by turning the engine to TDC and giving the wrench a good, solid, sharp hit to break it loose.

Another option is to use an impact wrench on it.

Lastly, you could drop some rope down the plug hole to hold the engine at TDC while you try to break it loose. I’d leave that option as a last resort though.

My go-to is an impact gun. Typically it sends short bursts of force that will generally overcome the moment of inertia for the crank to spin versus the nut to break loose. Most are relatively inexpensive. I have heard the Milwaukee Impact is very versatile with optional torque settings.

Impact should get it done, I usually rely on a Dewalt for the tough ones.

Thanks, guys.
Do you reinstall the bolt the same way? Using the impact gun or snugging the bolt and then a couple strikes on the wrench with a hammer?

Yep, you can impact it or smack it back on. A little blue loctite (ie NOT the high temp stuff). doesn’t hurt.

I just give her an ugga with no dugga.


I’m in the impact gun camp on this one. Especially for removing. Putting it on, just pull the starter cord until it engages, then you can hand snug the bolt without the crank turning.

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Ok, got it off with an impact gun. Could someone please identify the clutch on this Tillotson motor? Obviously I’m new at this.

I want to say Noram brand, but I’m not very familiar with their clutches, I’ve only used Max Torque and Hilliard

Thanks but even if it is a Noram, which is likely, they make 4 or 5 kart clutches so I need to know which this is so I can order a different drive sprocket. I need a 16 and this is a 17.

Ok, I guess I should ask. Are the drive sprockets interchangeable on the outer drums or do I buy the drum with the sprocket as 1 piece?

Noram 4000 SL74 according to this. Looks like the drum is integral to the sprocket?

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Thanks for going to the trouble to look that up, James. I see that pdf is the latest rules package for anyone running a complete T4 chassis and engine in a Tillotson series while here we can run just the engine in any chassis which I’m sure you already know.

The rule book that came with my kart only has engine rules which states the original clutch is the Noram 4000S174 as you pictured. However my rulebook states I can run any of 13 alternate clutches which is my confusion. Your pic has a view thru the cover plate which I assume means thru the outer drum and has holes in it while mine doesn’t have holes. Otherwise it looks the same.

Of course it may be that Noram has made a running change to that model clutch and either now uses holes in the drum or now doesn’t use holes in the drum depending on when the clutch was manufactured. I’m gonna call someone at Noram and hope I get a knowledgeable employee. Either way I really appreciate your help.

Oh boy. Yeah call NORAM and see if they can help.

‘View through the cover plate’ to me suggests without the circular plate on the ’ back ’ of the clutch rather than with the drum removed. This view shows there are nine lightening holes in the ‘spec’ clutch shoes for the T4 series plus 4 alternative 'non tech ’ springs . Shoe weight and spring strength alter the engagement RPM. Peceived wisdom is that the clutch should engage at RPM corresponding to maximum engine torque if rules allow.Many happy hours and $ can be spent searching for a ’ magic ’ setting.

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After looking some more I’m confident it’s the clutch that James shows as the Noram 4000S174. Glad that mystery is cleared up. As I mentioned earlier the clutch, like the engine, is essentially brand new and I want a different drive sprocket so needed to know what clutch I have.