Longest Shortest Detroit 24hr


Came across a Reddit post about an unusual 24hr kart race (sort of) in your neck of the world (sorta). Also someone mentions your ice track.


**This is a go-kart race that happens through and around my once-abandoned car factory in Detroit.

It’s called The Longest Shortest Day because we’re holding it on the shortest day of the year**

In any case this sounds like a hoot. Indoor/outdoor on Yerf dog style karts on a track that goes through old factory or something similar. There’s also a bonfire/party which sounds like either an OSHA violation or a gas, depending.

The thread got some traction because pretty much everybody thinks it’s a very fun sounding race.


@KartingIsLife also, since yesterday the link embeds aren’t behaving properly and generating image preview. Also markups for bolding etc.

I should watch this, I’m less than an hour away