Looking for a default chassis setup for Gold Kart/Righetti/Mac Mineralli - GTR30

Gold Kart/Righetti/Mac Mineralli - GTR30
The Chassis is a Mac Mineralli GTR30 but it is using the same chassis as the gold kart and is produced by Righetti.

i would like to know the default settings for each adjustable component

**I have only adjusted the seat to suit my height, im looking for default settings for the major adjustable settings (camber/caster/wheel spacing etc…) **

Hi Dom, from another Dom. Welcome and let’s see if someone here can help find you a baseline setup. I forgot to ask on Reddit, but what part of the world are you in? This may be relevant as to brand/setup.

What engine/tires? I run a Mac and LOVE it!

Hehe thanks Dom :slight_smile:
I’m living in Dublin Ireland

Hey Rick :slight_smile: Im running a rotax max 125cc engine (TAG) and the tyres for my class are Mojo D5’s

@KartingIsLife Any idea where to go for the baseline?

Friend of mine had an MM in KZ recently. Not sure if its the same model though…
He’s going to see if he can find his notes.

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We’ve been runnning the Gold Kart GTR30 for the last 4 years here is the US, though i have not run the rotax or MOJO tire. My base setup is neutral on the caster/camber, front hub at 10mm spacer out, rear slammed all the way in on the axle. Our experience is these kart do not like to have a real wide track in the rear, but prefer a narrower setup, granted your conditions will be different. If you get rain, it’s super easy to slam the caster all the way forward and get max caster.

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1st replace one of the 10mm front spacers with two fives. I’m usually about 15 mm out on the front hubs. I also run the rear pretty narrow. If I run the medium length hubs I run them all the way in as well. I run 1 click of caster, 1-2 mm camber, and 2mm toe out. Medium rear axle, Middle rear ride height, and 1 additional seat strut per side.

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I’ve noticed that about the rear track also, i set it wide first and i was sliding the back end all the time, i set it wider thinking it would fix the problem and it just made it worse :smiley: so now i know to make it narrow and it’s not just me having the problem. Do you think adding a torsion bar to the rear would make this issue go away on a dry track ?