Looking for ideas for a throttle stop that’s easy and quick to swap out

I’m tired of seeing my direct drive motors gather dust so I’d like to run them before the season is out.

I share my chassis with my 11y/o daughter, it has a 206 on it currently but she’s really not ready for 30HP yet :joy:
Plus, I’d rather not work on two karts anyway.

So, if I can come up with a throttle stop solution that’s easy to add/remove between sessions that would make it easier.

Any ideas?

Setup wise just imagine it’s something like the butterfly carb on a TaG.

How about some sort of restrictor that would fit over the carb inlet? May have to adjust jetting though.

How about putting two throttle cables on the kart, one setup for your engine and one for your daughter’s. Tape the unused one to the chassis.

I should clarify that the plan is to use the same 100cc engine, but restricted for kiddo.

Maybe do it at the pedal vs the engine. How about a 2 piece shaft collar that clamps onto the pedal where it would contact the normal pedal stop (Im assuming youre using the round tubular pedals) You could machine or grind off some thickness at the point of contact to get the desired restricted throttle opening.

Scratch that, i went out and looked at the pedal setup and the closed throttle stop tab would get in the way. Theres probably some other option related to the wide open throttle stop though :slight_smile:

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No 11 year old should have a 30hp motor on her kart under ANY condition. Come on Dad!

Hence throttle restriction :wink:. It’s not entirely uncharted territory. Basically enough power to propel the kart and I’ll select a plug based on that.

For what it’s worth In Europe we ran 12 y/o with 25ish in JICA. Before that they ran full 100cc senior rotary valve engines without clutches, but with a smaller carb or intake reatrictor plate.

Might be worth putting something on. For sure I’ll mess up jetting… but like I say I just need it to move the kart. It can four stroke all it likes :joy: