Looking for Kart enthusiasts for market research


We’re looking for karting fans and practitioners to do a market research to improve tkart.it, a karting magazine.

Nothing fancy, just a chat about your karting passion.

Those who will be eligible and who will take part to the research will get a 40€ - or the converted amount in other currencies - Amazon voucher.

Unfortunately, we are looking for people who can speak English or Italian.

If you’re interested, feel free to answer this survey (Hotjar Survey). If eligible, we’re going to get in touch with you and arrange our meeting.

We hope to hear from you soon!


I subbed once and enjoyed tkart but it’s a bit pricey on an annual basis. Also my Italian is nonexistent. Happy to chat.

I’m currently subscribed. As a noob, I have learned a lot from the site especially searching its archive.

I have been subscribed for a couple of years and would be open to providing feedback.

Ok yeah that was a short survey.

It might have changed since I stopped following them a few years ago, however my biggest gripe with TKart is how they seem to associate themselves with karting emotion and passion.

To me it’s a bit rich to ask people to subscribe to your content when one of your advertising channels seems to blatantly, unashamedly and repeatedly rip content off others without permission or often even accreditation.