Looking for latest news on K1 Circuit opening in Winchester, CAk

Last I heard the K1 outdoor circuit in Winchester, CA was opening in December 22’… no updates for a few months now from their PR outlets. Anyone have any insider info on the latest updated opening dates or progress?


I’m hoping we get footage, pronto.

Well they are hosting SKUSA PKC in two months so it better be ready.

Only a one hour drive from my house, looking forward to it opening! I was told last week that it is more or less all done but they have to get an inspection from the governing body.

the Tri-City Kart Club will be running the races at K1: Tri-C Karters - Southern California Kart Racing

About 4-5 hrs for me. Looks like fun and I might aim for one of the night races.

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Night racing sounds fun! I’ve raced Supermotos at night but not karts. Right now I have two Rotax max Top Karts so no actually racing for me. I might try to do an arrive and drive if that is an option at the new track.

Ah great so a mid-Feb opening date worst case. I just moved to the area and K1 will be my new primary track. Is Tri-City kart club the main local championship or are there any others I should be aware of? (non-national series)

Come run the Rotax races in Phoenix and Tucson!

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I too am very curious what the opening plans are and how practice days are going to be structured. My emails to them haven’t had any response.

I would be open to doing that! Do the engines have to be sealed? I have had mine apart to work on them. They are old from around 2011.

Pretty sure they will let you run the old spec engine and it does need to be sealed, but just about everyone in the pits can do that for you. I would get a hold of Justin at J3/Compkart/Rotax if you are serious about running to check legality. It’s a great set of events at two pretty cool tracks this year.

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Check out the tracks/series that I’ve collected over here: Sprint Kart Calendar

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Ok thanks I will contact Justin. I only just got these karts and haven’t raced for 30 years so I just want to get some practice in before I commit to racing. Did my first practice day and it seemed to go pretty well.

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