Looking for Rental Leagues in NJ

Hello, I’m a 14 year old (so Junior) racer in NJ, meaning I can’t do licensed rental leagues. As of now, I only have the cash to do rental leagues in NJ, so I was looking for any suggestions for over the winter. Currently, I’m looking at doing a Mt Kisco league, but I was wondering if there was anything closer to Essex County. I’m doing the 3 hour endurance event in Delaware, but otherwise, my previous experience is only a camp at RPM in Jersey City. Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

Aha! A fellow Nj person.

Try the supercharged leagues. One in EDISON, NJ.
https://www.superchargednj.com/ Email them about league

There’s TKC (touring kart championship) that holds races all over at multiple locations:

K1 Speed has a very good series that culminates in a national race if you can be yearly champ of your state:

NJMP has bimonthly 2 hr enduros and a weekly league:

United Karting in Delaware: outdoors and league

Here’s a discord invite to TKC discord. Pm me if it expires:

Also @Seltzer in the USA, there is no licensing for kart racing. Just age limits (classes).