Looking for some advice

I am looking into getting into the sprint kart world. I currently race dirt ovals with a stock appearing predator 212. I used to race sprint karts back in the day on a margay expert 2 chassis. I have found a Race Factory sportsman chassis. I just wondering if anyone had any information on the chassis they would like to share with a 50 something newbie.

What class or motor would you plan of running?

And related to Bob’s question, where will you be racing?

It’s all about some kind of local support, so those answers will help point you in the right direction.

The RF Sportsman is a 28/30 mm chassis so probably pretty soft. Designed for low horsepower or smaller drivers, so your size and what class you plan on running with determine how well the kart will suit you.

Ran the sportsman from its beginnings. (I have chassis #5 or something in my garage. Was a great kart to me when I was starting my 206 racing. 6’ 140lbs, 100% agree with TJ on the club/local support. With RF not really being developed anymore. I’d use if you could get it for a deal and grab something else after the first year.

(Race is a cool dude) if you’re local to the MPG guys check them out!

Are you near Pittsburgh by chance?… I saw a sportsman listed here recently. (Plus there was a lot of them here)

I would start with the 206 class and most likely move up to ka 100.

Do you consider the one you saw listed recently a deal?

I am 195 and was going to start with the 206 class and move to ka 100.

I think it was around 2,100? Can’t seem find it now unless someone snagged it up already…

I sold this one for 2,150 no engine. 10 races on it.

I ran KA in the sportsman with solid pace by the end of weekend. Just need to put the bigger front spindles on.

Here it is!

That’s a deal I would take personally to get started!

Personally I would be concerned that it won’t be enough chassis for your weight, but I don’t know the RF kart enough to say for sure. Typically a 28/30 is going to work better for a lighter driver. In KA I would think it wouldn’t work great at that weight.

Chase noted he’s tall but he’s only 140lbs so the kart will function much different with a 55lb weight difference.

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Thanks for the deeper explanation.

Where are you located?

I’m in NC. I would run at trackhouse the old go pro.

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At 150lbs myself, most of my lead is added to the seat, so the seat is still supporting around 190lbs. As far as the frame knows, I could be 190lbs.

Unfortunately, thats not how it works. If that was true, big tall guys like me wouldnt win every rain race :slight_smile:

Vertical CoG matters
Bolted weight vs moveable weight (your body) matters


Center of gravity is massive in how it affects how a kart works, and 50lbs of dead weight on the seat will react differently than 50lbs of floppy driver.

I am 140 lbs and have about 40 lbs on my seat too, and my kart reacts much differently than someone on the same chassis but 180 lbs.


So you have been given some good advice on the chassis. If this still sounds like a chassis you want, then next, I would say, is the chassis in good shape? Is the bottom relatively free of wear ( without chassis protectors the bottom of the chassis will grind on the track and can diminish frame material), Is the chassis been in a significant crash? If it includes a motor how much time is on the motor and make sure it has the current case tags if its a 206. If you have someone who has been karting help you check it out might be a good idea too.