Looking for some driving advice

Looking for some feedback on my driving.

Last year I was decently fast at this track (Genk) and running in 55/54 depending on track conditions, this year I just can’t get under the 57’s anymore. It almost seems like I simply forgot how to drive.

I know my kart and engine are good, the engine is still exactly the same as last year and my frame is way fresher, not bend/sagged or anything. tyre’s I’m not 100% sure on as they are pretty old at this point. We got a bunch of lightly used tire’s back in the end of 2019 and this is one of the last sets of those.

Everything on the kart is original and according to the european regulations, tire’s are Mojo d5.
I have more video’s if required from the same track and a few others (where driving went better for some reason). unfortunatly I don’t have video’s of me driving fast, I only got the camera this year.

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First thing I’d do is slap on new tyres. 2019 used Mojos are gonna be like rocks.

I have one set new rear tires with some used front tires from end 2020 which I will try next week

It could also be nothing more than track and atmospheric conditions. The track I usually run at for example can be as much as 4 seconds slower if it’s humid and/or dusty on a particular day.

Pretty much this. You are clearly not carrying as much speed as the others in the turns.

Try to use an entire new set instead

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Genk changes to about a second slower or faster depending on the conditions from my experience, and I haven’t been able to go faster in the 4 times I went to the track this year.

@tankyx unfortunatly I can’t get front tire’s before next week. Should I save the new rears for the week after next week when I’m back at genk? I can get a set of fronts before Genk.
I still have 2 sets of the 2019 tires which I can use next week.

At Ferrari world it’s super slippery, deliberately so. The karts are slow it’s just a small indoor track (very) with pretty slow karts, you have to employ all the driving skills you would on a high power kart and grippy track to get a ‘quick’ time.

The most annoying thing they do is summarily slow the ENTIRE track soon as one person spins, which happens a LOT :roll_eyes:

I’ll be using a timing system that can auto detect a stopped kart and slow the karts as they approach it only, ‘green flagging’ them once they’re past it. Bloody clever :joy:

I know the Genk track pretty well,the track is at it’s best between 10 and 12
After 2 PM the track worsens especially when the wind is south/east(dust is blowing from the parking lot) and the dirt bike track is open,it could go to a loss of 1,5 sec.

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Yeah I know, always gotta make sure everything is the best it can be for the 12:00 session. After that times start going up

Went back to genk last weekend on almost new tires (I ran them for almost one day in wackersdorf) but still felt like I had the same problem.

It’s still the same kart just with different bodywork

The consistency was ok, all my sessions were within 3 tenths of my theoretical best.
We tried some setup change’s but I couldn’t really notice any difference in driving or laptimes.

kinda starting to doubt my chassis but when measured everything is straight and square, only 1mm bent on the snipers.
In my opinion the kart feels dead, I don’t get any feedback from it not on the extremely grippy wackersdorf with the euro trophy guys or a really low grip beginners track.

In the time between driving I rebuilt the front end of the kart and put new rear bearings in, but I couldn’t find anything odd

(here is a video of wackersdorf with the new tires)