Looking for specific article on challenges of making it to the top of open wheel racing

I’m looking for a specific article that is several years old that chronicles all the incredible challenges of making it big In Open wheel. I remember it being written by Jay Howard or Mike Conway or someone like that… British and struggled to get a consistent firm full time / long term ride… but I may be wrong about nationality. Maybe spencer spigot? it seemed maybe too pessimistic to be Jay considering his career depends on people chasing that dream. However I just don’t remember who wrote it and cannot find it. I think it even spoke about how the dad had a business and mom ran it and the dad spent like 4 days a week full time on his sons journey to the bigs… it wasn’t a piece on giving up but was about considering the true realities of what it takes and the true likelihood of actually making it.
anyway, If anyone knows the article and can provide a link, I’d be very appreciative. Thanks!


I wonder if it could be Alex Lloyd who wrote it?

I thought you nailed it w LLoyd but seems not. He did however have a few good articles I found… just not the one I am looking for. Thank you!

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