Looking for used/damaged cylinder 125cc any make with cast iron sleeve

Looking to learn/practice art of cylinder honing.

I am trying to locate a few junk/used/wornout 125cc cylinder to practice on.

Honing is one of those thing that not rocket science but takes a certain amount of feel and practice.

I wanted to try tooling out on some junk stuff first.

Any cast iron line 125cc cylinder will work. Condition and make do not matter.

Just no broken ports as this can chip tooling and no Nikasil lining.

Let me know by messaging.


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Hey Jamie. I think you mean cylinders if you’re honing bores. Heads typically are machined for squish, combustion chamber shape and head volume.

Oops typo. Corrected

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We’ll see if Jerry tossed it. If not, u can have.