Looking to buy: VORTEX VR98 (and others too)

Location: anywhere
Price: depends

Details: I’m looking to buy a Vortex VR98 in good condition. No problem if it needs a rebuild, but needs to be in good condition (e.g. no broken fins)
Location is not important as long as you can ship it. US and UK preferred, but anywhere else works too.


Also, if you have other 100cc rotaries for sale (Iame, Italsistem, Rotax, PCR etc), let me know, I may give it a thought as well


Excellent choice sir. You might already know, but there are two drive sprocket spline sizes (I think 13mm and 14mm), so make sure you get sprockets that match the spline size. I have a VR98 but don’t have the heart to let it go :smiley:

@Mynameismcgyver , got a VR98 or know of someone that has one?

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It’ll be in good hands I promise :slight_smile:

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Good luck getting a VR98… very rare they go up for sale nowadays :slight_smile:

Would you be interested in any 95 homologation engines?

Thanks but for now I’m focusing on later homologation, in general the last evolution of rotary 100cc.


1250 green queens. ($1500). Maybe I should sell mine :laughing:

If you’re not a member of that group you’ll have to join of course.

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