Looking to Purchase first KART

Hello All - I’m located in the ATL area, looking to purchase a Kart for my son(13) and possibly myself to go out with him. I have been racing/instructing for 8yrs in full-size cars, show he has basic race knowledge. My son has a lot of experience on rec Karts(55mph) /K1.

I’m looking at Margay Brava 206 and CompKart 4R as possible options. My Local track sells Praga. Is one better than the other assuming I will have support at the same level?

Should I pick one chassis over another? If any of you watch MotoGP we know that Rossi Dominated with Yamaha back in the day, when we went to Ducati ….He did not. Would the same apply with Karting chassis?

Thanks in advance


Not really. Largely, most modern karts are very similar and at any race from club to national level, you’ll see a variety of brands up front. The support from a shop and ability to get tuning advice and spare parts readily is the most important factor.

Both the Margay and CompKart are fine pieces, or the Praga is as well. Can’t really go wrong with those options.

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I would look at what parts are available locally. Also, it does help somewhat of local racers are running them but more to fix issues than setup IMO when starting out.

I would watch some videos on YouTube about buying a used kart. As a new person you may be focused on the wrong things.

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Here is a decent video that talks about buying your first kart.

Also here is an assembly video, if that’s more your thing.

Honestly, the brands that you mentioned are all good choices. As TJ mentioned before, picking a brand that has good local support, either via a tuner or that is popular with local racers is always a good place to start.

Especially when getting replacement parts and spares for things, or asking for help with tuning advice.

I can find most parts - Spindles/ Tie Rods for both brands.

The benefit of local support is accelerating setup advice when you’re at the track, rather than just buying parts.

You can find most common parts across brands, it’s the time you need that uncommon part. Not that full brand support is imperative, just another thing to consider and weigh with other options.

Hey James. I’m in the same situation with me and my daughter. for me the choices are between praga and Margay. I also live in ATL and from as much research I’ve done the best track around is ATL motor speed. I to am stuck because of parts availability since ATL motor sports carries praga and is the auth dealer but I really want us both in the Margay. Once again all mew to me as well.