Looking to purchase new 206 engine kit

(John Pintos) #1

Just getting into LO206 racing. Where would you recommend purchasing a new “Setup” engine, exhaust, mount, clutch, etc. ? I guess a complete kit.
Just everything needed to be race ready. Have a chassis already. Looking for the best place and of course the cheapest too.

(Dom Callan) #2

I’d figure it where you could race the lo206 first.

I’d then go to that track and ask about who sells karts and provides parts and trackside services.

Assuming that person or persons have a good rep, buy it from the folks who stock the parts you will need.

(John Pintos) #3

Thank you for the reply. Ok. And I thought Comet Kart Sales would be good but it seems like there pricing might be a bit high(but maybe not) so I wasn’t sure if there was somewhere else people might suggest.
Thank you

(Steve Pribyl) #4

You can get a stock LO206 from am couple of places for $800-900 with all the trimmings.
For a few hundred more you can get one that has been gone through, head, carb are setup.

Find someone local to get started, after you get your feet wet and know what you are looking for you can ‘upgrade’ if needed and use the first motor as a back up, sell it, or just keep running it until it’s time to build a blue printed Animal.

(James McMahon) #5

The main thing that will cause a variance in price is the engine mount, clutch make/model, inclusion of pipe etc etc.

(Eric Gunderson) #6

Where are you located? You may have your best luck with a local supplier…

(Bryan Williams ) #7

Is this your first at kart racing. If so ok, if not why a lo206?