Looking to race LO206

So I relatively new to karting and I want to join a league/club that races LO206 karts in and around Charlotte, NC. Anybody know of anything like this?

I’m not from that area, but I’ve always heard amazing things about go pro motorplex in Mooresville. I’d check that out.

As mentioned, GoPro has a great 206 program. I’m sure there are others but I know Paul and April Rice with MGM Chassis have arrive and drive programs.

GoPro is your best bet. As noted in your other thread, I would recommend going to the track during a club race and talking to people, asking questions, finding out what shops/teams are around and what brands are supported locally.
206 is a good place to start. I believe Tim Shutt at TimmyTech has a decent 206 program too.

Talk to Paul and April Rice of MGM chassis they are local to the area and are at Gopro all the time.