Lorain Ohio Track?

Anybody heard anything about the new track going in Lorain Ohio any updates ???

I wouldn’t be holding your breath on that one.

Lots of rumors and gossip and none of it is good.

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Its a pretty tight-lipped news feed.

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Interestingly, it’s not on the Ohio Sprint Series (former Buckeye Karting Challenge) schedule :thinking:. It’ll be fun to see whether there is any info about progress at the OVKA Swap Meet the first weekend in February.

They made some progress late fall with getting things squared away to break ground. However Kris’s daughter had some very scary health issues and surgery earlier last month and that has taken priority as would be expected.


Anymore updates on Lorain Ohio Kart track in 2024 ???

I searched like 30 minutes a week or so ago on the channels i know about and got zilch.

Not going great

It alluded to additional meetings last week however it was not part of minutes of council meeting. Must have been private if it happened at all.

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I didn’t see Kris at the OVKA swap meet this year…