Low End/High End/Idle on x30

Hey guys,
I run the IAME x30 TaG and I’m trying to figure out the best engine adjustments to run at. I’m trying to not mess with tuning too much because I’m still learning driving habits, but what do you guys go after for a good baseline? I’ve heard a lot of different things from different people, but I’d like to get a few more opinion.

My kart isn’t stalling out while idling and blowing a lot of white smoke while on the stand, so I’m assuming it’s a bit rich. I’ve also had people tell me that if my kart doesn’t stall while idling, it’s not a good thing.

Overall I have a few questions:
-What RPM do you like your kart to idle
-What EGT do you shoot for (during general practice sessions)
-What adjustments do you make and when do you decide to make them?

The X30 will usual idle a little, so wouldn’t worry about that.

EGT typically should be around 1100-1130. Typically if it’s a little low, I tweak the high speed needle in leaner by an 1/8 turn or so.

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Should I be adjusting my low end carb with my idle needle, or leave the two adjustments completely separate?

I’ve never touched the idle on an X30 before.

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Neither have I, but I’m lazy, rather than good.

Update. I’ve adjusted the high speed and low speed needles and it’s changing the RPM, but still producing way too much white smoke while idling. Could it possibly be from mixing too much oil in the fuel? I’m currently using one quart per four gallons of 110.

What are you comparing the smoke level to?

It’s not unusual for a LOT of smoke to come out at idle because so much raw fuel is being dumped in the exhaust due to port timing.

White still makes me concerned… It it consuming water?

When we’re waiting for our session to start there’s usually 8-10 drivers idling their cars next to us. Myself and another guy got the same karts, on the same day, with the same Woltjer engines. Both of our karts blow WAYYY more smoke than anyone else’s and we can’t figure out why. Water level is pretty consistent and we’ve made multiple adjustments to the tuning. It’s just a head scratcher.

Have you asked Woltjer about it? Every builder builds their stuff a little different, and I don’t know what Woltjer does specifically, but they might have a different carb setting they like to run. Have you asked Daniel what the carb should be set at and have you set it there?

Also, how much are you warming it up on the stand before-hand?

Your fuel mix is spot-on.

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I’ll reach out and see what he says. Thanks!

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Might be worth checking the popoff setting in the carb.

If the popoff is too low, or the inlet needle is leaking that would explain extra fuel being dumped into the engine.


I have recently gotten into Karting and have been practicing for my first race which hopefully will be about 5 weeks away. I have 3 Karts, an Ax9 and X1 Arrow with leopards in them and my pride and joy which is an X4 running an X30 a 2017 but with all the updates.

All Karts run great but the X30 does blow a lot of smoke at anything less than mid throttle…

It runs really strong a feels very crisp, it’s just that in the pits and even out of the chicane at the local track after a brief closed throttle it’s blows a lot of smoke…

I used to race and tune plenty of two stroke mx bikes in my younger years (although bikes the carb on the x30 is quite a different style) having said that I’ve set the high and low speed needles to a setting I’m very happy with so I’ll have a look at this “pop off” (not something Im familiar with from the bike world)…

I’ve had a few X30, do not mess with the idle, only high and low.
EGT at 1200 degrees is perfect, do not go above that, but make sure you warm up the engine properly before pushing, easy!

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