[Lowered price] 2021 Factory Karts M1 Shifter complete KZ Kart

Location:Riverside CA - Pickup in person preferred

Details: 2021 Factory Karts M1
Engine and kart have 1.6 hours of use on practice sessions only. Skid plates were installed from day 1. Work is taking precedence and have to sell. Kart is currently setup for 6’ 3" driver, XL Tillet seat.

Comes as pictured, but instead of Mychron it will have an Alfano 3 Pro with RPM, Temp and EGT.

Tubing is 1.25" (31.75mm) all around. Cs are CNC from billet, all TIG welded by hand

Options from new
Clear-coated with automotive finish
Techno adjustable clutch lever
EM-02 Big Radiator with Curtain
EM billet water pump
Carbon fiber heel stops
Billet steering column hub

Iame Screamer Black 125 complete KZ engine, 1.6 hours since full rebuild, which included top and bottom, new rod, bearings, complete clutch, reeds. New magnesium engine mount and new carburettor. Top level engine tuned by the factory for KZ category, I have the Dyno sheet vs TM 10C and R1 max tune, contact me directly for more info.


That is clean! GLWS!

The Lab SS2 e-paddle shifter. Very nice.

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Actually it’s an SS3. It’s a pre-production prototype of what is now called D-Shifter (the paddle shape gives it away). Full disclaimer I worked with them to test it and did a side by side with other systems…I’m now selling them on my website so call me partial…but these are awesome! 0 issues, no missed shifts, nothing ever breaks on them

Yeah, I bought an SS2 from Stefano this last Summer, which is the D-Shifter S (non-ECU variant). I actually bought the new style paddles & he also gave me the upgraded paddle switch housings, which I also installed. I still need to complete building that kart. It’s really a top shelf setup. Whoever buys this package won’t be disappointed.

So. Much. Want. Aggg!

Updated price, updated pictures. Like I’ve stated in the description, I’m also adding an Alfano Pro

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