M10 vs M6 OTK Side Fairings

I’d like to shave that last bit of weight off my kart. OTK says the M10 plastics alone are almost 2lbs (.8kg) lighter. It looks like the M10 nerf bars are a different P/N than the M6. Can anyone confirm that? Will they bolt up and perhaps I just need to space them out since they are thinner? Thanks.

Also check these guys out they have a bunch of titanium parts for the OTK. https://fastech-racing.com/

How much weight saving are we talking about with titanium hardware everywhere?

I’ve got a set of the Ti side bars laying around. Rather not use them unless I have too. Pretty expensive for what is almost a consumable part. Also it would be great if my M6 side bars fit the M10 so I don’t have to buy another set.

I think in total is 3-4 lbs, but it’s an expensive $/lbs.