MAC Minarelli Reviews

Looking at a new chassis for next season and are considering switching to a MAC. My son currently runs a Maranello MK2 cadet. He has to move up next season to JRs and we are looking at possibly switching brands. Let me know your thoughts! TIA.

Most major kart brands can be competitive with proper tuning and driving, so the only real reason to switch brands would be better support or access to spare parts, or price I suppose.

What class is this for and who is the local shop supporting the Mac Minarelli brand? They aren’t a super popular brand so I would really want to make sure you have someone available that’s going to know the chassis and how to set it up and tune it.


It’s a kart! It goes around corners on three or four wheels. If it doesn’t stop or go, move the seat back. If it kills rear tires, move the seat forward. If it understeers, throw some spacers between the spindle and hub. Might as well get one that’s cheap with cheap parts and that describes a Mac Minarelli.


So maybe not a good brand to switch to?

It depends on how well it is supported at the races you plan running. It’s not a “trendy” chassis maybe? But a very well established brand that has been around for some time. As soon as David Fore got in one at World Championship level he was in the top three. So it has the potential to be as good as any.

The question is really whether there’s enough support at the races you plan to run to extract that potential.

My real concern is quality. Am I losing anything by switching!?

Many top guys near me run it. All chassis will be competitive if tuned right is what everyone is going to tell you. Some chassis may handle differently than others but none are faster. Where are you based? You won’t lose quality, but all that matters is you have parts and support nearby

I’m in Vermont. Dealer is in MASS.

MacMinarelli karts got a 1st and a 2nd that I know of last race. Probably more but I don’t know what chassis everyone’s on