Mad Mike racing an IAME 175 on dirt

While we’re talking about dirt…… info about track composition etc here. It’s really interesting stuff.

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So I guess one comes home caked in dust….although I’m guessing they spray track down.

Oh yeah we were covered in dirt :laughing:. I had a white shirt on too. The dirt there was weird. Any kind of moisture and it turned to slop. So we just gave it a go as it was, dry.

Mark built this kart and won all his races on it. He chopped a drago KZ chassis to make soft as possible. He said faster than dirt chassis when conditions are good but looses out when it gets dusty. Check out the single rail engine mounts

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Must be a pain to tension the chain with those engine mounts, also would restrict what motors could be run due to the bolt pattern.

Have recently stripped this Swiss hutless Evo to be turned into a twin. Going the more traditional route of adding another rail onto the LH side and relocating the brake. The chassis had already been modified for inboard drive so I don’t feel bad about cutting it up.
The plan is to run a TM k11b on one side and a water-cooled reedjet on the other