Magnesium wheels with US bolt pattern?

Where can I find magnesium wheels with the US bolt pattern? The kart I bought last season has American pattern hubs on the axle, and I am looking for a new set of wheels, but I can’t seem to find any.

Be easier and likely cheaper to just buy metric hubs.


What size is the axle? If it’s 40 mm, good metric hubs are VERY cheap, gathering dust at any kart shop

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Yeah, it’s 40mm. I don’t know why the guy had these hubs on. I’ll just have to get metric hubs. Thanks, guys.

Just a question? Do you have different pattern in the us? I thought the hubs are all the same?

There are three.

95% of karts use the “Metric” 8 mm on 3x58 stud pattern that TonyKart and Birel chose.
CRGs use a bigger 8 mm 3x67 stud pattern.
Older American karts used a different pattern that I think is 3x2 3/4" with 5/16" studs.

Most of us don’t have to worry about it.

I think Azusa in California still makes wheels to fit the old “American” bolt pattern but they also make a kart suit that is Barney purple so I’m not sure whether to trust them :slight_smile:


There are a few companies that make the American pattern wheels, but they’re all aluminum. It’s weird.

The last I counted, CIK homologated karts use 4 different 3 bolt pattern wheels that vary by Pitch Center Diameter (PCD) - ‘A’ in the diagram below. See below.

Do yourself a favor and get some 3/58 hubs and wheels. It will make your life easier.

  • 3/58mm PCD: most popular & used by manufacturers including TonyKart, Birel, and Parolin among others.

  • 3/67mm PCD: used by CRG and the brands it manufacturers

  • 3/69mm PCD used by Kart Republic

  • 3/66mm PCD an option offered by Tecno in addition to its standard 58mm PCD

Advantages: A larger diameter hub will be lighter and also potentially stronger. A larger PCD wheel/hub combination will also tend to be more rigid, providing more grip.

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Ugh. Breda really came out with a nearly identical stud pattern to CRG without using CRG’s stud pattern, and couldn’t even bother making it a “Wide 5” wheel like an old Ford?