Magnetic or IR Lap Sensor for MyChron

Hello all! I am new to the sport and am leaning the ropes. I have a LO206 kart and have practiced at Pat’s Acres in Canby, Oregon. I was wondering if anyone here knew if Pat’s has a magnetic strip that would work with the MyChron magnetic strip sensor? Bonus if anyone knows if the Mac track has a mag strip as well.

My MyChron is the OG 5 so I am wanting a mag or IR sensor for a bit more accurate lap timing. I know you can get a IR beacon and set that up at the track but I’d rather not deal with that if I don’t have to and can just use the mag sensor.

If you have a MyChron5, unless you are missing the Start/Finish line using GPS, I wouldn’t bother with either an IR or a magnetic strip.

Ah okay cool. Sounds like I am over complicating it then. Thanks!