Making the kart more enjoyable to drive

2020 k&k Kobra chassis (Righetti Rudolfi)

My steering is VERY tight to the point it feels like I’m driving a concrete truck. Drove a friends CRG the other day and it felt SO MUCH more comfortable to steer. What are things I can do to not only loosen my steering (I know moving spacers from inside to outside will help), but what other things can I do for a more enjoyable driving experience?

Take out some caster.

Would Ackerman change make it lighter? Or just quicker?

Years ago I crashed a kart and bent an axle, broke seat, bent steering wheel, and more. I was not able to get my kart ready for next week, and borrowed someone else’s kart. The steering was so much heavier than mine. I was so discouraged with how it felt. Right up until my brother told me it was the fastest lap I ever ran. And by quite a bit.

Fast is fun. That said the kart that I was fast had less ackerman than mine and the steering was heavy. I do not know if the ackerman was why, but increasing it may help it be lighter, but may or may not make it faster


Moving the front wheela out would likely make the steering heavier as you are asking the front end for more mechanical jacking/leverage.

Generally the steering “weight” is down to caster. Do you have an adjustment for that?

Try adjusting caster first, since it has little effect on other parameters. Narrowing your front track will have the effect of making steering easier as James says, since you will be asking it give less jacking effect. Bear in mind front track adjustment will induce understeer. I too drive a CRG it has the sniper kingpin, easily adjustable. I drive it with a notch less caster than stock, feels great.

Add to the above. Moving the inner track rod ends/ heims to holes on the ‘spade’ nearer the column centre will lighten the steering as would a larger dia. steering wheel.

First things first, make sure your spindle bolts and steering column/fairing support bolts aren’t so tight that they are making your steering physically hard to move.