Malta gets a dedicated karting track!

Being a very small island with no professional tracks, practicing motorsport in Malta has always been an issue, and we’ve had to rely on a not very well maintained rental kart track to get some laps in. This is about to change, as this weekend a new track built specifically for karting, with approval of the FIA was inaugurated. While this might be something not as noteworthy in most countries, for us this opens up many possibilities, and makes the sport much more accessible, especially for parents who did not trust the older track with regards to the safety of their children. The track should be fully open as soon as some of the finishing touches (such as more barriers and curbs) are done.

Here is some footage I managed to capture throughout the weekend, both onboard as well as some drone footage.


More Karting in more places is a win win!!

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That looks very nice. Nice technical layout, too!

Wow, what a grip and rotation fest! That looks like a ton of fun. Back end wanted to come around a bunch.

Unusual pit/staging area. It’s on track between 2 turns!

It was definitely fun! The track being completely green and some dirt being dragged on the track by other karts made the karts quite twitchy. The pit/staging area was only temporary for the inauguration event until the paddock is finished. Once the track is fully complete, we should have a regular paddock setup up.

Track looks amazing. Do you guys run Rotax over there?

Yes! Most popular classes are Rotax, X30 and Vortex (both Super ROK and DVS). However with the new track, we’re already starting to see an increase in KZ karts.

Awesome! I’ll check it out next time I’m in Malta. It’s a massive upgrade from the rental track. Enjoy the fresh asphalt and glad to see karting grow.

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