Manifold Destroyed - Anything Else to Check or Replace?

Danger to manifold!

Hi everyone, I got into a pile up incident in which a kart came up over my rear wheel right into the carb, destroying the manifold.

  • Besides replacing the manifold and gasket and overflow line that were broken, is there anything else I should replace, recalibrate, check or do?

  • The axle seems okay to my eye, and some more experienced people looked at it quickly and it seemed okay to them. How do I check that for sure?

  • The right rear has a flat spot because of the incident, what should I do about that if anything?


I can’t speak to the engine, but spin the axle and see if the wheel wobbles to determine if it’s bent. A little wobble is fine and won’t really affect anything, doesn’t need to be perfectly straight.

Tire is probably fine too as long as there isn’t any cuts in the tire. I’d run it.

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That’s a pretty common failure point when someone hops your wheel. You should be good to just replace the manifold. Double check your choke isn’t stuck down too, sometime on a hard hit they’ll drop off the pin on the choke lever.

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Thanks to you both, glad this is no big deal. Wish I had video of the incident to post on the video section and get some takes on what happened and what if anything I could have done differently.

Had the exact thing happen to me a few months ago. Besides what you’ve already mentioned, all I would do is check the float height in your carb. Other than that you should be good to hook.

Thanks, I have no idea what the initial float height was when I bought this engine. I have never changed it. Is there a baseline setting?

0.875” is a generic baseline to get you running again

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Thanks everyone, I’ve done two weekends on the repairs and everything is fine. Idles better now that I set the float height! I think it was way off before.