Margay Brava rebuild

Picked this up in a buyout awhile back, thing was trashed. Goal was to make it nice as new with as few dollars possible. So far fresh powdercoat, axle bearings, spindle bearings, brake pads, master cylinder rebuilt. Had a few spares laying around that I’ve been able to use. Most all new hardware or old stuff has been chased/re-tapped. Literally every nut and bolt when have been touched when all is said and done.

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More pics. Couldn’t get them all in 1 post

Last one for now. Painstakingly slow process

Looking good. I like it.

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Looks great! New paint is awesome.

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Looks fantastic, nice job!

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Some more progress. Absolutely slammed with work right now so not getting as much done as fast as I want but hope to have it wrapped up tomorrow or this weekend.

What year is the chassis?

That’s a good question. I think you can check the SN on Margays website, will do that and let ya know.

The function to check SN’s on the website is not working, bummer!

What’s the serial? Modern Margays are typically easy to decode.

Is it just me or does that seat look like it has a lot of offset? I get with the Briggs motor being so wide a little more may be needed, but the side is nearly past the frame rails. How does it scale?

So I have been told it’s a 2001 model year. Seems pretty accurate to me given the supporting hardware.

Regarding the seat position, yes it’s far left. I have an XL tillett in now for me to go out and shake it down. I could offset the motor on the mount to the right but everything I’ve seen has said to not do that. Haven’t scaled it yet, hope to do that this weekend. Would certainly be easier with a smaller seat. ThiS kart will be sold, so if someone wants a smaller seat we could accommodate that.

Offsetting further right will be fine with a thick plate mount.

People make too big of a deal about that, imo.

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Appreciate the input. If it scales poorly then we will look at that for sure!

Good looking build.
Happened to notice the front floor tray is under the tabs, is that how this Kart is designed? I thought for safety the floor tray had to be above the tabs.

It’s normally above the front hoop tabs to keep the leading edge of the floor pan from getting chewed up. The others don’t matter so much.

Finally got a chance to get it wrapped up. All new bearings, new stainless steel brake lines/pads/fluid, new seat, new new new etc. Thing came out pretty sharp.


I used to have a Brava years ago, think it was a 2005 or 2006. Nerfs were updated to CIK ones, but frame was very similar. Back then I was running IKF Animal with a single disc clutch, and for that to fit the seat had to be more offset than is normal these days.

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Nice rebuild. I’m a total noob, but f I ever get a kart, I’m 99.99% on Margay lol

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