Margay help

just took on this project of a mild restoration for a friend after 4 plus years working on minibikes. would like to get any feedback i can. i know it is a margay. the model and years produced would be a big help.

Should have a serial number. Margay’s website has a “what kart do I have” tab on their website. I attach picture

thanks- they are not much help so far. i sent them pics of the kart and they said they didn’t make it. that was why i joined this forum.

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That’s unfortunate, hope you get an answer.

Welcome. Definitely vintage. What makes you so sure it’s a Margay if they insist they didn’t make it?

it was dumb luck that i found the name etched on both front spindles

Looks like a Margay Cheetah mkIII. Missing the engine swing mount on the right side, and fuel tank that was mounted behind the seat.

That might even be an original seat…

Only reason I say this, is because someone just posted photos of a near identical one on

i was getting help from the members on the old minibike forum and this ad is on the margay web site.

I do not think that is telling. They could be damaged and replaced. I looked for other options when I was racing a Dino. Margay is really into the vintage stuff. The owner had one displayed at local track just last weekend. If they thought it was theirs, they would be excited to share information


Todd is right. Just because it has Margay spindles doesnt mean it is a Margay chassis. Many people replace things (spindles is a prime example) with “whatever fits”.

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