Margay ignite series ovrp running cost for a season?

OVRP runs a spec lo206 series apparently. Anyone participate?
Wondering what a realistic race budget is for a season. Kart will run approx 4k as I wouldn’t be able to use my compkart.

Just trying to get a rough idea.

Tim has a fleet of Ignite karts, no need to own one. I think he has at least 10 of them. Not sure the cost, but I have to imagine it’s about $100 to $150 per race all-in (entry, kart, fuel), and there are about 12 races in a normal, non-covid season. No tires, as they run on spec Hoosier rental tires, pretty much one set for the whole season.

oops, jeez, that’s a lot pricier than I expected.

Yah, that would be a heck of a deal. 500 is more expected :grinning:.

Who’s the person at OVRP to chit chat with to get info on series and a lead on dealer?

$500 for a full arrive-and-drive rental is a pretty average rate for most regional tent programs around here.

Probably going to look at being more self sufficient although I would need occasional help and I’d want to find someone to mount tires.

We estimated $963 for $10 race season in St. Louis. That included 2 sets of tires, and a couple of practice days. Of course nothing is what you estimate. Set of tires can easily last whole season if 10 races are 10 one day event, but finding we want to replace clutch springs each race day. That is $8 each day. Forgot oil in estimate. That adds about $15 every 2nd or 3rd day.

So I think that is about $1118 if using 2 sets of tires. Save $200 if only one set of tires. Probably add in another $200 to $300 parts like clutch shoes, or bearings. Plus crash parts. Easily under $2k a year

That, I can do.

Ok now to find a kart.


Hoosier Kartsport R80 tires

Described as lo206 specific with a durometer of 72. Are these “hard” tires that last a good while?

Durometer of 72 is pretty damn hard.

Sweet, thanks! I have to say I really enjoy driving the rental tires. I am curious to see what I can get them to do on a lighter kart.

Last year in a full class at our track the winner was on tires that had 7 weekends on them. That is long lasting

Thanks. That is indeed a bunch of laps! I noticed with the rental kart tires that these hard tires do not “fall off”. It’s the same grip, always (assuming you don’t cook them).

That’s what I’m talking about! I wish more places had programs like this where people could Try before they Buy. I think it would up the likelihood of attracting more people into the sport.

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That’s basically the model that works best from what I can tell. Try a “racing” kart days, arrive and drive etc. It’s simple and scalable.


You would have loved jim hall.

His own track. His own fleet of kpv 100 detuned slightly for longetivity.

Hard tires.

He ran a very inexpensive intro to karting day. You could for a very reasonable fee customize subsequent teaching/coaching type classes.

Really awesome instructors like Homer.

He also ran a spec club rental series where everyone raced on his 100cc.

He also provided owner kart services as he restructured it as a car/kart club.

It was perfect.

Damn you California fires. I can’t imagine how many folks Jim got into racing.


Out of curiousity, for a spec series, is it just the chassis or do the wheels and everything else have to be specific?

In other words, do you think I can buy the frame and use my existing wheels etc? Or are they asking for a margay ignite roller from factory?

Everything is spec.

They changed their wheel requirement this year. But its spec wheel width and brand, spec clutch, spec clutch driver.

Thank you! I was hoping for a reusable path. Oh well.