Marks (reference points)

I was thinking about my recent session at what’s effectively a new track to me.

It occurred to me that I no longer use marks at all.

So: do you use marks? AND How far along driving wise are you?

The reason I ask is I am wondering if this is common (going from using trackside references to not as your driving improves).

To clarify: for braking.

For the most part I don’t use conscious reference marks, mostly just feel as to when to brake, turn, etc. However in the sim I use braking markers a lot more as I don’t have the feel as in the real world. I’m the better part of 25 years (some breaks at various times) deep in racing.

Did you ever use marks for braking IRL? That’s what I started with.

I use feel as well now. Maybe the sim need for markers in cars comes from the numbness of sim relative to seat of pants irl braking.

I don’t use markers in kartkraft at all, it’s all feel braking. However, plop me in an iracing car and my sensitivity goes way down.

I think early on I did, but now if someone asks where I brake I can’t tell them because I don’t know. If I focus on it while on track I can pick up where I am to help someone but in general I have no idea.

That sums it up for me as well. I don’t know when I transitioned. And, my braking is kinda weak in the grand scheme of things.