Looking at trying the Maxxis Sport tyres for the first time. I’ve used MG reds and Dunlop DFMs in the past on both restricted and unrestricted Rotax Senior.

How do the Maxxis compare to DFMs? Does anyone know how much life I can expect to get out of them in an unrestricted Rotax Max?

I have used maxxis sport on rotax dd2 they are a medium hard tire, will be 1 second slower than mg red but will give good life . They are similar to the maxxis hgt but a touch harder. It’s a hobby tire good for track days but don’t expect any PB times.

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I purchased the Maxxis Sport tires for our enduro event last year for two reasons.

  1. They were a good price. $235 CAN (taxes and brokerage landed at my front door 4 days after I ordered them)
  2. I wanted to do a tire experiment

Here are the pics I took of the tires after 190 laps of use on my DC-One/Briggs entry (5 laps of practice, 171 in the enduro and 15 laps on my shifter). What tires do you have left ? - CKRC Forums

Each raceday we do a maximum of about 40 laps. These Maxxis tires still have a ton of life in them and did not fall off at all.

When I tried these Maxxis tires on my shifter they were slower to warm up than Vega Whites which was to be expected but the grip level did come in and I was able to do very competitive laps with a best of 53.03 on a T&T night level of grip. I did 3 sessions of 5 laps each. After doing the testing on my shifter the Thursday after the enduro, I realized that we ran way too much pressure at 12 front and 13 rear. I torture tested them and went down to 7 lbs in the front and 9 lbs in the rears to see if I could get them to overheat which they did not. They just kept getting better.

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on a DD2?!! wow that must have been insane. I’ve tried my mates DD2 and I was drifting on MG yellows!

any the look of the tyre it appears they never really get up to grip, I think I’ll just stick to the yellows or DFMs for practice.

The tread look of these tires is near perfect for the type of asphalt that our track has which is a City B mix or relatively low grip asphalt. It was also a cooler Fall day that I tested these on my KZ shifter.

It’s hot here in Cyprus, 35oc air temp so track must be 55,60 . The dd2 was ok in the maxxis sport they are responsible grippy.

DFM has a fair bit more grip then the maxxis sport. The maxxis is quite consistent over its setup/range and life being a low grip tyre. Its very forgiving in my opinion and works average everywhere.