MCP brakeline to MC and Caliper connection

Looking to install my MCP MC and rear Caliper. Looking to see any diagrams for how the line is to connect to the caliper. Is there a special fitting required from the line to the caliper. Or does the caliper unscrew to allow the line to sit within the fitting. Any advise is welcome.


Depends which MC and Caliper you have. Most all of the major retailers have diagrams on their websites.brakeviewweb brakeview


Months Later I got it all buttoned up!

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I just put MCP’s on my 1998 Birel…you’ll have to let me know how they work. I kept the vented rotor and added more spacers between the caliper halves. I worry the pedal feel will suck compared to Euro brakes, but we’ll see. At least they won’t leak like the old ones…

I’ll let you know but I think like all brakes you’ll have to get used to the modulation. I bought the system used on eBay and rebuilt the master cylinder and rear caliper with all new fittings and seals… I didn’t want to risk anything on the brake side!

I’m glad I did because there was a ton of gunk and rust within the caliper body, pistons, pas adjusters and master cylinder bore. In addition the guy who had the caliper but a 5/16 bolt and not a 3/8 one to attach the caliper body halves. At least now the fluid passages are clear and the brass fittings which were partially rusted are new and clean as a whistle!


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Next time you have the calipers off, flip them over so your supply lines are on the bottom and bleeders are on the top. This will let you bleed out any air without removing them…I use a small piece of fuel line on the nipple of the bleeder to route the fluid away from the chassis and to a container. And with MCPs, I trust you use a true DOT5 SILICONE brake fluid? (purple, usually?) I have to rebuild a MCP that I thought had seals for DOT3/4 and they swelled…

I bought the MCP fluid. I’ll flip it when I have a chance. Doesn’t seem to be affecting performance.

Shouldn’t affect performance, just easier to bleed. I’ll be trying to get mine ready this weekend. MCP does offer a couple different pad compounds, if you find feel on the pedal isn’t what you like (or performance.) YMMV.