Does anyone know what’s supposed to be measurements from kingpin to other kingpin on tony kart?Thanks

Do you know what model tonykart you have?

Think it could be a venox not sure exactly the one with the sliding footrest in front and magnets behind the brake pads

What are we trying to achieve with this measurement? Kart can be pretty bent in the waist but the distance between kingpins is still the same.

Agree with others, it’s kinda weird measurement to ask for but a relevant one if you’re designing something I guess.

Are you maybe looking for kingpin to center of seat back instead for mounting a seat?

Had an accident were the other driver clipped the side pod and drove over the kingpin not a head on collision thought maybe a slight bend in the kingpin could’ve happened

I know that for bends you need to measure from front to bearing carrier preferably no seat but i dont have the time for that so maybe i thought that i could measure from kingpin to kingpin

If you have a pair of snipers, you can check for bent kingpins and a bent frame.

Measuring from kingpin to kingpin theoretically should change but I doubt it’s going to really tell you what you’re after.

Kingpin to centerline of axle straight back or by the carrier will also tell you if the frame got tweaked in a lateral way, but again that’s probably not the first thing I’d check.

Ok thanks I’ll try to ask someone who has the snipers as currently i dont

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1000% recommend. You can also do the simple
Corner weighing trick on scales or by picking up sides of the kart but that’s a lot less scientific.

Snipers are more accurate ,when i was at the track people told me its not bent because if it was it would not roll in a straight line when pushing with your leg but i think it needs to be pretty bent to not roll when pushed. After the accident i went out for another session frame was vibrating a lot tho and getting wedged in certain places of the pit when before wasnt not sure if these can be signs. Happy Easter and thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah sounds like kingpin and or kingpin bearings.

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Thankyou all ill have a look at both could be a slight bend in the kingpin as it took almost half the weight of the other kart

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